“Wow!!! I can’t thank you and Carmen enough! I can now check this off my bucket list. Carmen was as gracious of a host as you. Have a great night!”

-anonymous, via text, posted with permission (July 2nd, 2024)


Anna has a lot of genuine respect for her clients and takes pride in making them feel comfortable. As someone who was a bit skeptical about seeing a sex worker, I’m glad I chose Anna as my first one. My expectations were way exceeded. She is very easy to talk to and beautiful as all hell. After every session, she has left me satisfied and smiling.”

anonymous, via text, posted with permission (April 7th, 2024)


Annabelle is a true local gem. I always feel a genuine connection with her, and she’s fun to talk to about all sorts of topics.”

– Alfnewdeal, reviewer, perb.cc (Feb. 3rd 2024)


“My regular provider is out of the city so I thought I would try Annabelle, I was a bit nervous to meet someone new, but I thought I would give it a shot…

Communication was quick and easy, an erotic massage no FS. When she opened the door I was stunned and a bit tongue-tied!

“Wow, that time flew by! Annabelle observes visual cues very well and has some great hand skills! During the course of the massage, I was pleasantly surprised by how Annabelle can switch from sweet ‘girl-next-door’ type to ‘seductive temptress’ type and back again with ease, that is an incredible turn on! So friendly and easy to talk to, it was like I knew Annabelle for years! I’m already looking forward to my next session!

– Winnipeg7777777, reviewer, perb.cc (Feb. 3rd 2024)


“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed that experience. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was blissfully relaxing and you made the whole thing feel very comfortable. Thank-you so much!”

– anonymous, via email, posted with permission (Jan. 18th, 2024)


She’s absolutely beautiful, with mesmerizing green eyes that lit up when I brought her a bottle of wine […] Luckily, she was also incredibly sweet and down-to-earth […] and smart and engaging and a delight to talk to. 

“At her lead, we made our way to the bed where I was treated to a skilled, very sensual massage with a HE finish. She knows how to tease and build up the anticipation to a mind blowing finish!

Overall, a wonderful encounter with a true professional! I’ll absolutely be back.

a_rodr, reviewer, perb.cc (Nov. 8th 2023)


“Annabelle, I don’t know exactly what I expected, but today was so perfect. You and Carmen have genuine chemistry, in addition to being gorgeous. The combination of warm and sexy is intoxicating.

– anonymous, via email, posted with permission (Oct. 13th, 2023)


“I absolutely loved our session together & with Carmen. She is stunningly beautiful, just like you! It was a ‘seventh heaven’ drive home with visions of you & Carmen getting it on, dancing in my head. Then there was happy ending explosion! Thank-you for the now-fulfilled fantasy I’d never dreamed of happening right before my eyes in real time! I’ll never forget it!!!”

“Mr. W, Parts Unknown,” via text, posted with permission (May 25th 2023)


“Booked two hours with Annabelle earlier today, excellent session, made me feel comfortable. She’s drop dead out of your league gorgeous and she must be lying about her age- as if she’s over 30. That was the best sensual massage ever of my life and I felt so relaxed during it. Then at the end, she controlled me and my orgasm. I usually have difficulty getting there quick, but not with her. She did a far better job than I could ever do with my own right hand. 1000/10 experience.

anonymous, via email, posted with permission (March 26th, 2023)


“Hi Anna. That was a fantastic orgasm that I had with you today! You really took control of me and had me totally in your hand! No pun intended! The best part was how much you seemed to enjoy seeing and feeling my extreme pleasure! I love it! I’m still hard and will need to cum again today. Wish you were here to help! I do want to see you again as soon as I can!”

anonymous, via email, posted with permission (March 17th, 2023)


“Hi Anna. I just wanted to say how amazing today was. You made me feel super comfortable even though I was super nervous. I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and I really didn’t know what to expect. You truly made it a great experience. I very much look forward to future sessions with you!”

anonymous, via text, posted with permission (Feb. 24th, 2023)


“Thank-you so much once again for today. It was as close to an out-of-body experience as one can possibly get. […] The atmosphere you two created was sublime. Freya is obviously very much in the same tier of beauty as you. Truthfully, ‘I don’t even want to finish- I want to keep serving’ was a thought I had many, many times throughout. Thank-you so, so much and I look forward to our next session.”

anonymous, via text, posted with permission (Jan. 27th, 2023)


Yesterday was probably the wildest orgasm of my life, via sex or oral or anything! Your ass in my face made me fight so hard not to bury my tongue in it! Thank-you for an amazing experience I’ll never forget!!”

anonymous, via text, posted with permission (Sept. 15th, 2022)


“Hi Annabelle. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your work once again. You are truly phenomenal at the job itself and a joy to be around, and I consider myself very fortunate that you have accepted me as a client and I often shudder to think of how frustrating it’d be to deal with someone less professional than yourself. Thank-you, and I look forward to our next session.”

anonymous, via text, posted with permission (Feb. 23rd, 2022)


“Younger and prettier than her ads. The reverse cowgirl while she stroked me was bloody amazing. […] (I) enjoyed the hell out of it. That, and she had a great ass.

If you want a massage with a stimulating release by a good looking blonde who will treat you well… YES! […] I hope others enjoy the time she can afford you. I will repeat.”

– Marius, reviewer, perb.cc


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